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Token Operations (Digital Assets) by Public Blockchains in the World in 2019? A revolutionary perspective of the New Economy.

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This text is not intended primarily to discuss legal issues related to BLOCKCHAIN, but rather financial implications of the current reality of the New Decentralized Digital Economy on the World Economy.

It is not an exhaustive text, but only to foster reflections.

On a daily basis, discussions about "Is it bubble?" or "Is not it bubble?" in what relates to the value of digital assets, and the second question "Is this of any relevance?" in my day to day.

We do not now intend to deal with the first two questions but only with the third question as to the economic relevance of the New Economy.

These are the facts.

First, let's remember that the New Economy has as its starting point the Genesis Block of the Blockcoin Bitcoin Network launched on 03/01/2009 -, where 1 Bitcoin had a value of US $ 0.0001, and therefore, this New Economy had worldwide economic repercussion tending to 0 (zero).

After ten (10) years, we can no longer speak of one (1) Blockchain but in tens or hundreds, whether public (not granted), private (granted).

We can no longer see 1 Bitcoin worth US $ 0.0001, because at this moment (01/05/2019, 11h29) the average global Bitcoin price measured by the Coin Market Cap ( is 1 Bitcoin equal to $ 5,354.95 while in Coin Chekup ( is $ 5,379.41. 


I leave to the mathematicians the calculation of how many% Bitcoin has valued from 03/01/2009 until now on 01/05/2019.

On the other hand, another number that is always highlighted is the current value of the Market Cap, which is now US $ 174,876,732,013.00 (Coin Market Cap) or US $ 174,964,200,000.00 (Coin Checkup) . Using the quotation of R $ 3.92 for each US $ 1, we have that the Market value is approximately R $ 685,516,789,490.96.

However, this is not the point that we believe should be highlighted at this time.

What has gone unnoticed is the daily global circulation of digital assets - Tokens - in public Blockchains, measured by these two Data Platforms, and which for us is what demonstrates the existence of a New Economy already.

Looking at the information available we have that in the last 24 hours circulation of digital assets (circulation supply) in the World in public Blockchains was approximately US $ 43,733,263,685.00 (Coin Market Cap) or R $ 171,434,393,645.20.

That is, more than 1/4 of the value of Digital Market of the New Economy circulates daily around the world, without any interference from national financial institutions (Central Banks) or from the National States themselves.

Only this number is already very relevant, because if on 03/01/2009 daily circulation was almost 0 (zero), today it is equivalent to almost US $ 43,733,263,685.00 (Coin Market Cap) or R $ 171,434,393,645.20 .

That is, a New Economy of eminently digital assets has developed based on disruptive technologies in 10 (ten) years.

But we continue to think that these numbers are not the most relevant to demonstrate the existence of a New Economy.

With the discount of this text written by a lawyer, we move to the point of greatest relevance.

Unlike the "Traditional" Financial System, the New Economy operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, without any interruption since 03/01/2009. 


Therefore, it does not seem absurd to do an exercise of "annualization" of the numbers to try to estimate what the circulation of wealth in the New Economy would be through the digital asset transactions measured by these two Platforms.

It is the simple calculation that follows:

US $ 43,733,263,685.00 or R $ 171,434,393,645.20
365 days
$ 15,962,641,245,025.00 or $ 62,573,553,680,498.00

That is, in 2019 it may be that circulate the equivalent of US $ 15,962,641,245,025.00 or R $ 62,573,553,680,498.00 in the New Economy around the World.

As we have already pointed out, being written by a lawyer and within a set of texts more focused on legal matters, we understand that the following is worth highlighting.

We are talking about an estimate of more than 15.9 trillion US dollars per year or more than 62.5 trillion reais per year.

It is recalled that Brazil's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2018 was approximately R $ 6.8 trillion or US $ 1.73 trillion ( 02/28 / pib-do-brasil-grow-11-em-2018.ghtml), that is, almost nine (9) times less than expected to circulate in the New Economy in 2019, of 2018 was estimated at US $ 20.50 trillion or R $ 80.36 trillion ( -2018.ghtml).

That is, in 10 years the New Economy that was worth $ 0 on 03/01/2009, is worth almost nine (9) times more than the Brazilian and is approaching exponentially the largest economy in the contemporary world.

Therefore, for those who still do not believe and even more for those who believe, welcome New Economy. 





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